Funniest Mom in America!

I did it! I entered the Nick at Night Funniest Mom in America competition at Wiseguys Comedy Club! What fun that was!!! And so many friends came! You guys Rock!!! The show was video taped for the Nick people to judge in the comfort of their Floridian jammies. They will contact those going to the next level of competition in Chicago, LA, Atlanta or NY. If I get the call, I’ll be looking for donations for a flight, cuz it’ll be on me! If I get chosen from there, they pick up the tab for a trip to NY. They will also come to SLC and video tape me with family and work and friends in my house, so I’ll be looking for a house to borrow since I have no furniture!!! I also have to say that the other Mom’s tonight were freakin’ funny and one had 8 kids another one had 9, like me and another one had 13 kids. I’m a slacker!!! But thanks kids for the comedic material! I might be a contender!


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One Response to Funniest Mom in America!

  1. heidikins says:

    How did it go!?! I am so proud of you! Let me know if you make the next round – I am saving my pennies for you!! ;o)xox

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