Again with another gorgeous day!!!

When life crowds around causing the thought, what the bleep!!! It is so nice to be able to find that quiet, peaceful place within, where everything is sweet!

It’s always a choice, how we go through life! Cuz life throws the most bizarre things our way and yet, it doesn’t have to destroy or even bend us, from who we are! Thoughts do become tangible and mine are doing a better job everyday of bringing me what I want. Plus, as my intro says, the journey is to be enjoyed as the destination may not exist!

What is that, you may ask, that gives me peace? It is to feel very good about who I am and to know I make a difference everyday in the lives of those I touch. Not perfect by any means, but definitely at peace and very, very, did I say very grateful to those in my life who care and for the nature to care back and for fabulous sunshine and yummy chocolate and the rare clove cigarette! And to hear the excitement in the voice of someone I call, finding out, it’s me! And my list goes on and on and on!


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