I have 3 younger sisters, way younger sisters. I remember my mom telling me how much it meant to her to go to lunch with my 3 way younger sisters. How fun it was and how much she appreciated the time together and wished that she and I would have had more itme together. Well Mom’s gone now and I miss her very much. I do feel gypped that she’s gone. But I look at my own kids all over the planet and how hard it is to stay in touch and be an intregral part of all their lives. They may not even know how much I think about them and wish the best in life for them. All that being said, I’m thinking about my own daughters today. I have half as many as Mom did but mine are a handful! Tegan, the drama diva, excellent at all she does, whether we like it or not! I save the messages in my cel from her when she calls me, “Mommy” or “Mommikins” or some other ridiculous name! I think about her and her young life full of promise, living far away in Phoenix, and want her to be happy with who she is and spread the love. Then there is her sister, Danica. She deserves her own blog, cuz at 11 her life is quite full! I’ll have to tell you what Tegan said about her little sister today! Next!


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  1. heidikins says:

    Ooooh! Look how pretty you all look! Love you girls (all 3 of you!)

  2. Danica says:

    Man we are cute looking. Love, Danica

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