The Kidz I went to School With!

And yes, I do know that was a dangling participle! Ha! I’ve still got it! Very funny and very cool, looking up friends I had as a kid. So funny that I still think of them as 17 years old! That’s my friend, Jane Beeson in the black dress. The order in the picture is: Mike Mandarino, Jon Warren, Greg Pember, Ira Kharasch, Jane, Craig Wood, Karen Wilson and Eric Rosenbery. After over 3 decades another friend, Jeannie Rosen remembers me the same way my friends describe me now.

She wrote, “Hi Debbie, I was a little confused by the name, Cross, but when I saw Deborah States it clicked. How are you! It’s been sooo long. What I can remember about you is that you were fun to be around. You always seemed to be smiling and had something good to say. Jeannie

Don’t worry. I didn’t hurt her for calling me Debbie. No one who knows me calls me that now! Be Heidi loves reading this!!!

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One Response to The Kidz I went to School With!

  1. heidikins says:

    Debbie? Deborah? Who’s that? I can understand Deb… but really you will forever be in my mind as “Roxy Cross.” It just fits so well! xoxox

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