If you have never done sales, don’t. If you have and are actually still stuck in a life of always being a bastard, I feel your pain! If there were a picture to go with this diatribe, it would be me slitting my wrists. No, I don’t need more pain in my life, I’m already in sales. So maybe it would be me doing something heroic like rounding up all the bosses of sales people and exacting some justice. In fact when the revolution comes, they will be the first ones up against the wall. Well, bosses and pawnbrokers. Uh, maybe bosses, pawnbrokers and traffic cops. And lawyers. And mean teachers. Mean people in general. And people who drive minivans and go slow in the passing lanes. Anybody who goes slow. And, well, who do you think?


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  1. heidikins says:

    Hmmm… I have felt your pain, although I think it has gotten worse for you in recent weeks. Is a venting-lunch session in order?

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