Who is Amazing?

Joshua Yamamoto, that’s who! Seriously have you seen Utah Business magazine BJ? That’s Before Josh? HUGE difference. I pretty much can’t imagine life at UBm without him. He’s the only person in the office I can see from my office. I’ll just pout and mope. My cheeks, ears and shoulders will droop when he leaves…
Since I started in May, we’ve lost Rhonda, Spencer, Heeyun, Heidi, JD and Heather. We almost lost 2 people last week. They’re just dropping like flies. And here’s something wierd… 2 days from the close of the next issue and I’m ahead of both Linda and Laurice. I say that now, but watch… tomorrow they will both kick my ass and I’ll be the next one to go. Or not!
Cuz I would rather stay and work with Joshua Yamamoto…


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2 Responses to Who is Amazing?

  1. heidikins says:

    What?!? We so need to catch up!! This is ridiculous! (PS What happend last week? If it was a losing people to walking out I hope it was Josh & Linda… if it was something a little more “from the demon” (aka being fired) I hope it was uh, both those guys in opposing corner offices….xox

  2. heidikins says:

    (PPS Josh is FANTASTIC!!)

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