Tegi & Andrew sittin’ in a tree…

Yep, the baby girl, Gapooska, is getting married this weekend to Andrew the Smitten! I really feel for the guy cuz my daughter, Tegan Elizabeth Cross, ne Mrs. Bean, is a handful… not unlike her mama! But the clan is gathering and pix will be forthcoming. Donations for the event will be accepted!
Then you’ll have to stay tuned for the after party, early June when they move to SLC to be near the favorite mom! Oh won’t that be fun! Just think, with all the adults around my housienda at that point… I could LEAVE!!! Adult time! Wahoo! Who wants to play this summer?!!! Nice!

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One Response to Tegi & Andrew sittin’ in a tree…

  1. heidikins says:

    Congratulations Teagan!!! I am so excited for you, and the lovely mother-of-the-bride of course. ;o)xox

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