Sarah Marie Felton

This is my mom, born Sarah Marie Felton. She was raised on a farm in central Missouri with 2 older brothers. A fish out of water, mom dreamed of becoming a great fashion designer like Edith Head, who did costumes for famous movies. Her dad died when she was a senior in high school and there was no money for college. A man in her little town of Rogersville, paid for her college expenses to go to Southern Missouri State and then to fulfill her dream as a college student at Ray Vogue Art School in Chicago. She was a prolific designer and was remembered by a man she introduced me to when years later she took me downtown in Chicago to buy wedding dress fabric. He remembered her over 2 decades later. She also modeled a lot and I remember seeing many pictures of mom in various outfits and poses including the Jackie O pose… one foot slightly ahead of the other and very proper, erect posture. I also remember poses of her holding a cigarette or doing the pin-up poses or even ones when she was pregnant with me. She loved the feel of fine fabrics and passed that gene on to me!

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One Response to Sarah Marie Felton

  1. heidikins says:

    I love this! So beautiful, the photo and the sentiment.xox

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