Deb, Jodie and Jenn

Jodie and Jenn patently refuse to call me by Heidi’s nickname for me, Roxy! Jodie said, ‘I fell in love with you as Deb and I’m keeping it!!!’ Sorry Heidi! In case, that has not been explained herein… Heidi decided last year, Deb is not exciting enough for my personality and after much deliberation changed my moniker to Roxy. I responded that I should also take her last name of Doxey and be her fun aunt Roxy Doxey! Now if you search through this blog you will find Heidi’s photo and her comments peppered throughout and a bit about a Q&A she made me answer!
But back to Jodie and Jenn… I met Jodie and her now husband Ralph at Bad Ass Coffee Shop when I first moved to SLC in 2005. The first thing they invited me to was a BBQ in Park City. Jodie said bring anyone you want so I invited a date. That was not what she had in mind and had invited 5 single male friends of hers! I was the only unattached chick person! Ah communication… she meant for me to bring single girlfriends.
Jenn, I met through Jodie and the stories of the 3 of us are colorful and heartwarming, generally involving wine, Italian, cheesecake and even a couple of Cubans. When Jenn picked up the check once at Buca de Bepo she said she enjoyed my company so much if she had to buy my friendship, she would!
Jodie once told me she didn’t understand why I was single as I was a bundle of excellence! With friends like I have, I can get through any difficulities and have such amazing people to spend the great times of my life with!

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One Response to Deb, Jodie and Jenn

  1. heidikins says:

    So, I’m sure Jenn and Jodie are fantabulous people… but regardless of their advice you will forever be Roxy in my mind. It just fits! Spunky, sassy, sexy, smart… too many “s” words? Love you lady!xox

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