Yeah Jenna! Less than 5 months til you quit smoking!!! Right here for you! Anna, your puppy dream is right in front of your face. Jodie M, you have worked so long in your industry helping so many people to see the light. Jodie A, what don’t you do for everyone who touches your life. Tressa with shoulders broad enough to help carry the burdens of all in your life. Jenn boldly blazing one trail after another. Lysa sharing the sweet things of life with all of us. Heidi setting such an example of balance in wisdom and doing! Linda knowing when enough is enough and moving on. Rashmi with her bright eyes seeing far beyond borders. Tawn such a feminine, beautiful example of womenhood and healing. Laurice the little sister you love who drives you nuts. Marie living with the expectation we will all do the right thing. Jamie getting things done without a ripple in her pond! Heather the ass kicker teaching others how to kick asses. Tegan gutsy enough to go against all odds and family to find her path. Danica, sweetly showing us how to live our lives creatively. Sarah living a life of unconditional love. Lisa/Raygen reinventing herself every 6 to 10 days. Roxy/Deb surmounting harsh setbacks with grace and aplomb… More to come…

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