Where to go

So many places to see in this world… where to go? Where to go? Lots of beaches and sunshine, scents and scenes, historical and timeless… And who might I meet? I still remember a trip to Acapulco in ’85 where I kept getting the same waiter at the hotel. I think he liked serving someone who was gracious and appreciative of his efforts. Mmmmmmmm watching the fishermen catch my dinner in the bay while I absorbed the sun on my 7th floor balcony. And the cute little brown boys following me every time I left the hotel… “Hey Pretty Lady, bracelettes!” I bought lots of them!

I would still like to see the ruins in Mexico. I’ve been fascinated by the Mayans and Ancas since elementary school. Not as fascinated as Tawn, who knows all and is my favorite acupuncturist…

Crete, Malta, Greece, Italy, Gibralter, Ireland, Jackson Hole, Vancouver, Monet’s garden outside Paris, Machu Pichu… just some of the places I would like to see. I’ll start with Park city next weekend! How’s that! Any suggestions? Where have you loved being?

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One Response to Where to go

  1. heidikins says:

    I want to go to Belize, and South Africa, and India, and Thailand, and China, and Iceland, and Sweden….. and I could probably list about a million places – sigh. Someday.xox

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