So in lieu of posting pix of my boyz, I’ve opted to post a placid pic, relaxing and peaceful as my boyz are anything but! So Josh is off to Westminster College this year and I’m super proud and comment on how I keep having to pick up buttons off the floor busting off my shirts in proudness. He has worked so hard for this and no one seems to recognize it in the family. Well except the mum, of course. I insisted he apply. He didn’t want to- thought it would be too expensive and that he mightn’t get in. His sophmore year I told him he could take any classes he liked as long as he took one marketing class with Wayne Dittmore. The man is a legend in the DECA world and when I saw he was at Jordan High, I, well ya know. Anyway, Josh took the class, loved it and jumped into marketing and DECA with both feet. He worked in the school store for 3 years, competed in every regional, and state meet. It was this year that he really caught fire. Josh Cross, Justin the Valadictorian and Trevor Larsen and another last minute arrival took Utah State DECA and headed to Atlanta GA for the international competition. So many things happened. Josh broke a tooth in his smile while there. Distracting to say the least. He still competed with his DECA Quizbowl team to beat Georgia, Arizona, to other state teams and final trounced Canada 34 to 7 to take the planet! All this while he worked 20-30 hour weeks for Larry H marketing, stayed on the honor roll, took college classes and AP classes.
Westminster openned her arms to him and I think he will have an amazing year learning and thriving in an environment meant for him. Excellence. Yesterday when I dropped him off at his dorm, with students walking by and milling about, he stood at the truck door and said, “I love you Mom and thanks for everything.” Like in Elizabethtown, I clicked a mental picture, to save this memory as one of the sweeter ones in my life. As a single parent, raising him for 10 years alone, not having 2 pennies to scrape together most days, this was one of the better days of my life. And I did not cry for 7 minutes after leaving. Big Girl!

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