Tessa Marie States

Tessa Marie States is the cute girl on the right who happens Her birthday is coming up on the 5th of November and we will have a bit of a party for the girl. Jammer Lammer, her sister in the picture lives in Vernal still. She had the opportunity to live here but she opted to stay with her mom and brothers to help them. Tessa deserves a break. She’s been on her own since she was 12. Huh. Living with me is a big break for her! She thinks her life here is chill and she should! At 14/15 you should be playing and having fun with friends. Enjoy! A whole paragraph and I haven’t really told you anything important about who she really is. You see, i know that Tessa Marie States is here for a reason. She is a natural healer and a Crystal Child. She is here to instill peace in the planet. For babies, children and all of us. It is an honor to know her.


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