Josh & Mom Go to College!

Friends suggested Josh and I try social media to raise money for tuition for the both of us. We will share the story as it is so far and as it unfolds and give thanks to all who contribute money and good wishes! We thank you in advance! Mom’s story is one of doing 2 years of college right out of high school like a good girl, to meet a husband. Decades later when she no longer had said husband, she went back and did another 2 years towards her degree. She lost credits tranfering to USU and due to the length of time between. Now another 10 years has gone by. She has been unemployed for over 8 months, and hears the dread, “You don’t have a degree,” when she applies for jobs. Still raising children and needing to support them, she is sacrificing now, for the long run and going back to college.

Now Josh…


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One Response to Josh & Mom Go to College!

  1. Roxy says:

    Social Media is highly effective if you use it. I wrote this blog post and left it here, dangling. If I were to blast it into the strasphere like I do for companies, organizations, individuals and causes I like, we would get donations coming in and Josh could stay at Westminster. We have done everything we can think of, but they want the rest of their tuition and now. Okay, angels! Your turn! The intention of the Cross Clan is to keep Josh in college. Some heavenly intervention is required!

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