Josh’s Story

Josh is number 7 out of 9 children and the first to “A” graduate from high school and “B” go straight to college. This is huge for our family. Eventually I’ll tell the whole story, but for now, in a nutshell, Josh graduated from Jordan High School in 2007 as an honor student, while taking AP and college classes, working 20-30 hour weeks at Jordan Commons for Larry H and taking state, with his Quizbowl team in DECA. Then he went to the national/international competition in Atlanta and took the planet! Very exciting! Then Westminster College, rated the best college west of the Mississippi by Princeton, threw open their doors, saying, “Come to me my beamish boy!” Or something like that!

This is an incredible opportunity for Josh and for our whole family. We are all watching him and know he is setting the best example for his siblings and nieces and nephews. He got a 4 year scholarship from Westminster, grants, loans, is working to cover expenses. But he is $8000 short for this school year. Mom thought she could make up the difference, but she lost her job in May and has been unemployed since, (see previous post!) As mom is quite the socially connected media maven, friends suggested we post the story on our web connections and document how effective the social media community is on spreading the word and getting results. Hence our creation of Josh & Mom Go to College! Thanks and pass it on!


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