Scene out my window, Not

So this is lovely. Can you smell the ocean and feel the breeze on your face and frosty glass in your hand? Mmmmmmmmmmm, I can’t! I’m looking out my window in Ogden at a foot of snow with drifts! Bleak trees, muddy spots on the property. Yuck. A beach in Cuba looks much more appealing today. I’ve been looking on-line at company openings to see if there is anything intriguing in SLC or Ogden that gets my attention. There may be a doozy of a recession going on, but some company somewhere needs me and can compensate me for said efforts. Somewhere there is a company with a stellar culture, integrity and high ethics that would like me to help them grow. I grow companies so well. Intending to do so , for a real nice company next time! Wonder who that will be…


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