Haiku and the Brain

Realized since I met Alex Doman a week ago, my life has changed. Alex is the CEO and founder of Advanced Brain in Ogden UT, a family of companies using science, technology and music to retrain brains. http://www.advancedbrain.com I picked up a couple of ABT’s CD’s, appropriately suggested by Alex, “Maximum Focus” & “De-Stressed.”

Since then, I’ve listend to both cd’s repeatedly, watched a show on MENSA, played with a brain puzzle and had a run-in with Haiku, the Japanese poetry form of 5-7-5 syllables/line, generally with a nature theme.

First my son, Josh, known as TheJoshCross at Westminster College where he is a freshman, sent me this in a text:

Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don’t make any sense.

Which I forwarded to a select group of MENSA qualified friends and family. Then my cell phone went crazy with responses, from, “Ok, then” to “That was random” to “Your crazy (sic)”! (The above quoted quips were obviously from those on the cusp of MENSA.)

Then I got some good ones like this response from Z:

They lay in water.
Just their ears and eyes above.
Hippoptamus. (Another word with 5 syllables!)

And this one:

Wand-ring friendship road.
Celestial sphere stood she there.
Mingling with the sky.

At this point he placed blame squarely on my shoulders:

“You fed me haiku after dark!”

Sarah Buhr tweeted the ‘Refridgerator’ haiku on twitter.com and is still giggling! She and all those who ‘get’ this post, should join MENSA and hang with the top 2% of the intelligent populace! They will ‘get’ your jokes.


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