Phone calls

Talking with Stephan, stuck in 99 degrees in going home SLC traffic, my phone beeped as Jason was calling. Steph and I talked bout getting together this weekend to work on his truck, Randy’s Camarro and what time to meet and all that jazz.

When we hung up, I called Jason who wanted to bring my up to date with all his doings with car stuff and work stuff and girl stuff. i told him he is a loving guy in a relationship and someone will apprediate that at some point. He talked about the furniture he might create for someone in Las Vegas and my phone beeped with a call from Josh. So I asked Jason to think about what he might create for the Ogden Farmers Market that would have to do with our garden theme. When we hung up I called Josh back!

Josh was returning my previous call in the game of phone tag. I wanted to know if he could help me deliver flower baskets in SLC tomorrow. He is available and can help me and I mentioned that Adam may call while we were talking since I was on a roll! He said Alex would probably call me!

I had already chatted with Trevor on vacation in Vernal UT putting a new roof on his friend Scottie’s house. He is so excited to create solar panels and generate energy for my greenhouse.

And I spoke with Adam and text back and forth as he needed money to buy thongs for his vacation to Flaming Gorge with friends!

So, if I could just have a moment of David’s time, I will have spoken with all my sons in one day. I’ll just go now to see if I can catch him…


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