I can share with you that even after your mom is gone, her influence is still viable. Both my parents are gone, but fairly often Mom’s words come to mind. And not just the don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day type rule! When life feels tough I see her face in my mind full of compassion and I know there was someone who knew my struggles and wanted the best for me. I see the pride in her face at my accomplishments, giving me the strength to go on with current endeavors. I know the challenges I have had as a mother, were similar to the ones she had. I have 9 kids, she had 11. She was very busy with her church and volunteer efforts. I’m busy working and raising kids and grandkids. She had to take care of Dad’s needs, I handle things myself and work to make up for my kids like of a father figure. She held up a luxurious but stiff life while I struggled to balance kids, house, job, school and whatever else seemed to be important at the time!

Not the same lives, but still difficult and gratifying.

And then there is the example I have of her in my mind, reminding me to sit up straighter, carry myself with dignity I may not feel at the moment and that a woman can handle anything with grace and aplomb.

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