Everyday I am proud

So this picture has Danica and I in it, but this blog is about my Boyz. Josh must have been leaning against the wall cuz he isn’t that short! this year he starts his second year at Westminster College in SLC. He is passionate about learning and especially interested in music. It can consume him, practising guitar and keyboard/piano. And I wonder what he will master this year. When Alex moved to AZ and left my home, Josh stepped up as the man of the house. You know I never had to remind him when it was garbage day or the lawn needed mowed or other things like that. Josh displayed very adult behavior and just did what needed to be done. He took so much pressure off me I really appreciated. Sure miss that now!
I have to stop calling Adam my baby boy. He’s over 6 feet tall and not done yet! By the time he grows into his hands and face he’ll probably be 6’4″! I called it when he was little. I said he would be taller than Stephan and at 16, he is! A junior in high school he is passionate about his culinary arts program at school. Every he talks about what he made that day and what is on the menu for tomorrow. We are working on being responsible and following through on chores cuz boarding & friends are way more important to him!
Now Alex, the bearded middle child of mine has been a joy from day one! Damn good looking, bright and interesting he has a knack for making friends and sharing what he learns. He, by nature, is probably the spiritual leader of the clan. He simply shares what he learns, by whatever method, causing fascinating conversations everywhere! Hard for his sibs to be quiet when Alex is stirring the pot on religion, philosophy, ethics etc. And now he is engaged to a long-time family friend, Emily Masterson and I am uberexcited, just so you know! I told her when she moved up here from Tucson, to choose one of my sons because I wanted her for a daughter-in-law! I knew she had a thing for Alex but didn’t let on! She picked him when she was 9 and just had to grow up so he would notice her amazing energy and spirit!
And the little guy in the pic, is Tegan’s son, Matthew. What a personality! All kids have gifts and things they are good at. This kid is articulate at 17 months, holds conversations using big words and speaks distinctly. Of course the whole family likes to teach him new words and he uses them! If you give him anything he will say, ‘Thank you,’ immediately! Soooo, we give him all kinds of things! Kids smart that way!


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