Venting on Poverty Here…

Unemployment seems to be the one thing growing like crazy in the country. My unemployment benefits ended last March. This and that odd job have kept food on the table, but much of what was my lifestyle is quite gone. The big house in Sandy where family and friends gathered at 3pm every Sabbath for Potluck BBQ’s. Never knew who would show up with what yummy thing to eat or drink or how many of them would be there. Once we had people from 2 months to 72 years old, several races represented and more than heterosexuals in the sexual preference category! What fun! Live music on the deck and on 2 levels in my house… Good times… But…

Then a year ago last September, Hell-lllo Ogden! Sweet little 2 bedroom bungalow on 3/4 of an acre with 62 trees, quite bucolic and miles from ALL my friends and kids, except Randy and my daughters. Argh! That was tough for months! I never thought I would fit in in Ogden because I don’t have a mullet. Crazy spiky hair like I gave birth to a gaggle of snowboarders, which I did!

A year later, it’s okay that I live here, mostly. I have made friends, with hearts of gold, have beautiful flower baskets all over town and have a favorite spot or 2 to frequent. Tegan and her son, Matthew and Trevor’s family moved up here to be by Mom! I do miss craploads of events I would attend if I weren’t 50 miles away and I don’t see a couple of my sons very often, Stephan and David. And I’m afraid if I stay here much longer my truck will need low profile tires! But back to poverty…

Seriously folks! 18 months of insanity! I have been around long enough to have been down most roads to the first bend. Generally people have hired me away from where I was! Til May 2, 2008! Bupkiss! I got too high on the totem pole and now people think I won’t take jobs for 1/3 to 1/2 of what I was making and they are quite wrong. I even asked about an internship and they thought I was joking! I still have children to raise!!! 2 weeks ago someone on Twitter said he thought I was independently wealthy! Others think I have a rich husband who supports me! Ah the curses of having class!!!!

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