Well I can tell a story…

Sparing no details in this story, I’ll make this a bit shorter. My intent in sharing, is that other parents and caregivers can learn. We still aren’t sure the reason Ali got so sick so fast other than that’s what happens with infants get sick. They don’t take days like adults. An adult might feel a little off one day, get a cough or runny nose the next and maybe a fever or diarrhea after that, kind of thing. A baby will be a bit off and in hours turn BLUE! I left a baby who had just had 1/3 of a bottle and was a bit perkier and in hours she was blue and rushing to MacKay Dee Hospital.

When I got to the hospital, (if you don’t want this mental picture don’t read til the ink color changes.) there were 10 people hovering around Ali, her little head was tipped back and dark and bright blue and purple and her lips were black. She was leaving the planet and I knew it.

A nurse was holding a sobbing Sarah and another one told me, “we are trying to keep her.” Meaning Ali. She was critical and without medical assistance would clearly not be with us today.

When you bring an infant into an emergency room with a life threatening crisis with no idea what caused it, they will throw everything they have at it. They sedated Ali with morphine, hooked her up to IV’s in her head and wrist to give her sugar water and antibiotics. Monitors and a breathing tube so they could keep her breathing when she stopped doing it herself. They made it clear, that’s where she was headed, as if we couldn’t see that ourselves. I called to get Danica watching Mia and Aidan so Trevor could be there as he needed to be part of the decisions and a couple should be together through things like this. (Another story from personal experience, for later.)

By the time we got Trevor there, the helicopter was warmed up to transport Ali to Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the staff was working hard to get her as ready as possible for that move. They said they don’t have pediatric intensive care at MacKay Dee like they do at PCH, although we are very impressed with them. The Life Flight crew got the helicopter ready and off baby Ali went, with her life in a completely precarious place. I drove Trevor and Sarah to PCH.

Monitors for heart, oxygen and breathing may have been on her at MacKay Dee, but definitely were in Primary Children’s Hospital. When we got there, she already looked better… pale but not how she had looked. They tested blood, urine, stool and even did a spinal tap hopefully to rule out menengitis. Scary stuff. Her caregivers are amazingly talents and serious professionals. It is 2 days later and we still don’t know what is wrong.

Baby Ali is better. Still on an IV with antibiotics and fluids, but Sarah, who has not left the hospital in 3 days, is nursing her again. This details of the story are plenty, but the main thing I want to share is how illness can happen in an infant.

You see, when adults get sick, they may feel off a day, then have a scratchy throat or runny nose or something annoying the next day and maybe day three gives them a fever, diahhrea or something.

Babies may act a little off and in a couple of hours, turn blue-ish with their eyes rolling back in their heads. Gastro enteritis or the stomach flu is not a big deal generally in adults, but… It is the number 1 killer of babies in the world! I had no idea! It hits fast and putting off getting medical care makes the difference in life and death and I am not exaggerating. It doesn’t end badly in America as often due to fast response of emergency room personnel, but babies have to get there fast enough. Believe me, I attribute the fabulous health of my children to not vaccinating them, feeding them healthy food and filtered water, sunshine and outdoor exercise and old, old fashioned good sense. We use vitamins and supplements. I make tinctures and salves and grow fresh herbs and the list goes on and on of natural good things we do to maintain good health.

But today, again, I am grateful for sharp medical professionals who do their jobs well and quickly. I know without Sarah, intuitively knowing something was ‘off’ with her baby and getting to a hospital, Ali would not be here today.

Being a parent is the toughest job ever. Period. And being a good one takes all you have and more. I know this one. When caring for children, stay aware and on top of things. That’s how we keep them here! I am happy to be one of those you call when you aren’t sure what to do! I have sure had my share of injuries and occasionally, the odd illness with kids!

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