What I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Baby Ali has been a titch congested for a few days and her mom, Sarah has given her vitamin C and things and watched over her hoping she would get better. Twice in the night she’s called me stressed, so I hung out in the wee hours holding her baby, spelling Sarah to shower the spit up off and stretch achy ‘holding the baby all day and night’ muscles. My #2 son Trevor, has been right there all along, concerned, helping and supportive of his little wife and baby. One of those calls was Thanksgiving morning 4:32. “She’s losing weight, Mom.” And I could see she had thinned a bit from her ‘gettin’ a bit chubby’ body!
Holding Ali, I sent Sarah off to shower and used all my copious baby experience, to calm this little one. I wrapped her snuggly, in a bright pink blankie, with rosebud embroidery. I put her over my shoulder and gently bounced her, laid her tummy down across my knees, releasing a nice burb and thought now we’re getting somewhere! That had to feel better for the little girl. Sarah came back with damp hair, a titch rejuvenated. She had been nursing and trying to nurse Ali since 1am that morning and all Ali did wa spit it all back up. As much as I hated to do it, I said, ‘Maybe we should try a little formula and give you a break for a moment.’ My distrust of formula companies did not outweigh my wondering if all the stress of a fussy baby was curdling her milk! Hey, they did wake me in the middle of the night, for this!
Looking over her selection of free formula samples I mentioned Alimentum which had helped my baby girl, Danica thrive. (Another story) Andrew, who was a houseguest, offered to run to Wal-mart to get some. “It’s pretty expensive. Do you want some money?” “No. I’m good,” he said. And the little girl drank 1/3 of a small bottle and I thought, much better little girl, and went home! I ran some things for Thanksgiving to Tegan’s house and had just laid down for a few minutes when Trevor called to say Andrew ran Sarah and the baby to MacKay Dee Hospital because her coloring was off and she didn’t look good. Would I run up there to help.
Let me define ‘help.’ We are a natural health family. We read, research, pay attention and are responsible for our own health and each others. We share experience and suppliments and whatever is needed. We do NOT vaccinate ever. (Another story) We have a very clear understanding of the terms ‘nosocimial’ and iatrogenic”. Even if I don’t know how to spell them. they are respectively ‘hospital induced illness’ and ‘doctor induced disease.’ We don’t believe the medical community has a clue what ‘health care’ is but do know, when things get bad, they are great at saving people. And that’s what Ali needed. Was to be saved…

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