Thanks Alex! Right off I know this should be a blog post, but I’ll start it here! We have been through trauma, drama and crisis as a family since very early Thanksgiving morning this year as a family. Our baby Ali, 8 weeks old was failing and was saved by the quick actions of her father and mother, Trevor and Sarah Cross and all kinds of other people, family, friends, trained professionals at MacKay Dee & Primary Childrens‘ Hospital and the Life Flight Crew. We have been through a lot with this little girl and finally got to take her home today, nearly a week later.
We put Ali in her car seat in my uber-clean Tundra and all the other things from the hospital and then her mother had to get a prescription filled at the hospital pharmacy. I drove around the parking garage which generally soothes my kids but only aggravated Ali. By the time her mom returned, she was caterwauling. (My southern mothers term for crying fit!) Sarah calmed her by nursing her and then we left the hospital area.
Part way through downtown Salt Lake City, Sarah realized we had forgotten to get the bottles of breast milk she had pumped and I told her you really don’t want to lose that. Gave her lots of scenarios as I am want to do. We turned around and headed back.
Remembering how this little munchkin had been stressed without her mother while I drove around the last time, I looked through my CD’s to find calming music. I thought Enya would be nice but didn’t recall which CD’s were handy in my case.
Sarah MacLachlan? She is mellow, but kind of depressing and we don’t need that. Allison Krausse? Love a few of her songs but not most. Then I found a CD my massage therapist had given me and calmed me, Suzanne Cezani. Cool! That will work. I plugged it in. Ali was sleeping.
Sarah left to recover her milk and that just sounds funny and Ali started to fuss. Crap. I grabbed my CD case to see what else was in there and damn! There was my De-Stressed CD from my friend, Alex Doman! I switched them quickly as Ali’s volume was increasing.
Slow, gentle melodic music started and Ali was not impressed. She was crying in the back like she had the last time. I continued to circle the aisles in the parking garage at PCH and turned the volume up a bit on the viola or cello that was playing. Waves from the sea crashed through the speakers and Ali, lowered her pitch. More sweet, calming music played and she lessened her efforts to squawk. I drove more slowly and turned in less rigorous curves and turned the volume up just a tad more.
Baby Ali stopped fussing and calmed herself in the back seat. I couldn’t see her or touch her as I would have at home, but the music did. By the time Sarah returned Ali, fussed just a bit and calmed.
I give Alex Doman and his wonderful people at Advanced Brain the credit. A very experienced grandma can only do so much under some circumstances and that is when real talent and gifts come into play! thank you Alex and You made our day today!


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One Response to Thanks Alex!

  1. Alex Doman says:

    And you made mine! Thanks so much for sharing this Roxy! Ali is in my thoughts and prayers. So happy to hear our music helped her.

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