Baby Ali Now

Yay! Everyone is well and happy and wrapping up 2009 in the Trevor & Sarah Cross family! We had quite to scare with Baby Alli last month. Life flight from MacKay Dee to Primary Children’s Hospital, a week in the hospital and 21 days of PICC line antibiotics. Fun. Bills keep coming in. Over $8000 for the life flight ride. This could be devastating financially. However, Alli is 12 1/2 pounds now and doing well! Here she is with mommy and daddy and sister Mia 6 and brother Aidan 2. Mommy gave all the kids nicknames recently. Mia is Weasel, Aidan is Crash and Alli is Squirt. I’m thinking we may need to ammend Alli’s nickname as she gets older and expresses herself. But for now the other 2’s names fit them perfectly. Mia is plotting how to rule the world soon and Aidan has chipped everyone of his upper front teeth. As you can imagine, he climbs on everything and thinks everything with wheels is a skateboard. Of course we are leaving out the other things he has broken! So we look forward to a new year with less scary surprises!

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