Family Watching Over…

Through the holidays I’ve seen families watching over their members. It’s nice. Even when you are quite capable of watching over yourself it looks like it would be nice to have that kind of caring. I kindof wish my kids would think more about me that way. Not all of them need a wake up call, but enough of them do. that I would have way less stress, if they did! Some of them forget that the ‘little’ things they ask of me get added to all the other ‘little’ things asked of me til I am completely overwhelmed by it all! There are 9 of them. And some have spouses and things and some of them have their own kids, all asking things of me. Here is an example from today:

All relaxed and working through my emails here earlier today, Danica 14, asked me to go to Sandy to get her best friend, Kayla for the week. As I was making the trip anyway, I asked her to find out if Josh 19, or Jason’s 33 kids, Q 11 & A 13, would like a ride to Ogden, too. The sheer number of texts and calls that ensued is crazy. But planning is necessary, when a 2 hour roundtrip is involved. Danica could not make it happen, so I called around and formed a plan. Well, I should confess, I sat in my truck for 10 minutes before leaving, with serious doubts about the stress involved. I really wanted to quietly do things around the house today.

Instead, Danica and I drove to Sandy to drop off Christmas gifts and get hugs all around from Jason, Karla, Brandon, Quenton, Alyssa, Danica and I. We picked up Alyssa and headed to Kayla’s. I realized I lost my chapstick somewhere along the way, so we stopped at Walgreens’… since the ox was in the mire anyway. Then we picked up Kayla from her stepdad’s house and a week’s worth of clothes for another 14-year old, exchanged hugs and gifts and headed home. So far not too retarded.

I dropped all the girls off at Tegan’s, 21, so they could babysit Matthew, 20 mos. while his mommy worked. At ten to six I hurried home to see Randy before he left for work at 6pm. He had already filled a ‘to go’ container with roast and veggies I had cooking in the crockpot all day and some creamcheese thumprint cookies I made yesterday with apple mint jelly and red current jam. We were chatting for a moment on the couch when Adam, 16, and his friend Kolby,16, got home from snowboarding.

Adam was completely pale white and not in a chic winter palor kind of way, but in a shocky something’s wrong kind of way. I quizzed him and he said he biffed it, hitting snow on his last run. Not enough information for me, so I kept asking him. He said he hadn’t eaten all day so I direct him to the aforementioned roast. One bite of carrot and he said he feels better already. I’m not buying it. Kolby and Randy both leave so I have Adam stand in the light to see his eyes.

He said, ‘If my eyes are okay can I go to bed?’ Now that’s telling! It’s 6pm and a 16-year-old wants it to be bedtime. Not good. I had him tell me exactly what happened, what got hit/hurt. His eyes were fine btw. Now he is curious as to why I am all concerned and goes to look in the bathroom mirror. (I know how this works! I have gone super shocky from looking at my injured self in the mirror before!) He lost his balance, freaked out at his reflection and I tell him to sit down.

When he was feeling better and getting some color back, I packed some bags of groceries for the girls, picked up a couple of pizzas from Little Caesars and ran them to Tegan’s house. Then I drove by her work, cuz I do that sometimes. I think my being in the vacinity makes it safer for her! Then I swung by Trevor’s house to drop off fresh coffee beans and a grinder and picked up some homemade cookies. Sarah made them from some stuff I gave her yesterday. I get hugs all around and Mia 6 says she loves me and all the people in my house and I came home to write this.

Anyone who thinks moms don’t do anything aren’t paying attention and probably should be slapped for their insensitivity.

So, now I’ve put the roast away, done the dishes and laid out an outfit for tomorrow. I still have a few things to do before bed. Adam is asleep after telling me moccasins are the coolest invention ever! I’ll do those few more things, like shower and stuff and then lay down to read a book by Michael J Fox about having a positive attitude! It was an impulse purchase from Walgreens and could be why I lost my chapstick earlier! That might be hard to follow, but I give up trying to figure out how “God” always puts me where I need to be, to learn something or to share something.

Heaving a big sigh here…


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