The Listening Program by ABT I will continue to share the stories as they bubble up on this journey. But let me share what I’ve been doing to help myself.

Monday I started the Advanced Brain Technologies The Listening Program. Don’t even know how to put this program in a nutshell other than going through TLP will make me a better me. The first 2 weeks of a 5 day on/2 days off listening program will help my whole self organize itself… body, mind and soul. Then I’ll do weeks focused on my body, like coordination, balance, large and small motor skills, things like that. The next couple of weeks work on organs, speech and language skills and emotions. I intend to listen with a box of tissues to deal with whatever comes up. I say get out, deal with stuff and heal to move one! The last several weeks are all about my mind! Scary! Actually I can expect greater creativity, idea flow, energy, intuition and such. It is such an amazing program and I am really excited to do this for myself.

So back to Monday. I listened to the first 2 sessions of the first CD and colored pictures with colored pencils while listening! Lots of colorful flowers! (Not allowed to read or check email or anything like that while listening, but you can do a creative thing with your hands.)

Then yesterday when I listened to sessions 3 & 4 of the first CD for 30 minutes I added tons of dots to my Monday picture! After both sessions I was so chillaxed it was odd for me, the hyper ADHD brainiac chick! After work I picked up my grandson Matthew and went home. I was a bit weak and even slightly pale according to my daughter and put my head down on the kitchen table. Danica said I should lay down so I took a book and laid across my bed to read. Didn’t even open the book cuz I was out cold for 2 1/2 hours. Totally out! My niece Courtney called me a couple of times on my cell phone before anything woke me up. Then I just went to bed.

Today I feel rested and calm more so than I have ever in my memory! I listened to the third session of TLP today and looked over some goals I set for myself through this program. I’ll share some in here sometime. it will be fun to see before and after in several categories. Not only for my own experiences with TLP thus far but with all the stories I hear every day, I have to highly recommend you do this for yourself too. Really!


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