TLP Day 5 Thought I would blog while listening today and see what bubbles up! It’s the last day of my first week listening to the first CD in the series. This CD is in full spectrum of high and low and mid-range frequencies. I should come away with a general and overall ‘organizing’ experience for body, mind and soul or at least emotions! Listening to this high of quality music is a trip. The sound has clarity I have never heard before and I’m picky sometimes. I’ve been a music person all my life. Grew up in an uber musical family and household. We all sang, danced, played instruments and performed. I started dancing at 3 years old; ballet then modern, then competitive Latin Ballroom. Piano lessons started when I was older. I was 8 when Granddaddy Coy died and we ended up with an upright grand piano. I asked Dad to teach me how to match the notes on the printed page to where they were on the keyboard, which he did before heading out the door to his patients. By the time he got home I played ‘Oh Suzannah’ for him, having figured it out all day, no doubt! Patient Mom! In 6th grade was when I started piano lessons and at the end of 8th grade I took French Horn lessons and joined the freshman band at Rich East High School in Park Forest IL. Have always and still do love the rich mellow sounds of the French Horn. Soothing and relaxing to me. (Just finished the 1st session of listening and am headed into the 2nd.)
I have to say listening to bone conduction is a trip! You know how your own voice sounds to you and then you hear it recorded and think, that is not what I sound like and yes it is?! Well bone conduction is like that too! It sounds like music and kind of not, which I understand is my perception. So odd or not, I’m doing it! I committed to do this for myself and to blog about it and I am. i am totally aware that I may hit a wall somewhere along the way, as that happens to people and I’m not different, just older! Maybe that will be even odder as I have old issues! Really old ones! Ask my siblings! Most of them are on Facebook and probably happy to vent about their big sis! I am the oldest person in my entire family now. So like it or not I am the biological States Family matriarch and oh well! If you like classical music you would love listening to music from ABT. I do. In reading this later, it will probably be fairly random as that’s what my thoughts are doing while I’m listening and I can’t possibly write down all the things I’m thinking and i won’t do this again as it is distracting from listening!


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  1. LOl, you can color or do puzzles, etc while you're doing your listening.

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