Creative things to do while Listening!

I am in week 2 of TLP and really enjoy it! I had a 1000 word paper to write on my ethics and did it in barely over an hour Saturday! I hope it will help me do a 3000 word research paper due next weekend for school!

It is a great idea to do something creative with your hands while listening to The Listening Program so here is what I did and laugh all you want, it doesn’t bother me!!! I went to the dollar store and Walmart and bought 2 totes and filled them with all kinds of crayons, colored pencils, water paints, brushes, modeling clay and pads of various kinds of paper and some foam stickers of animals, dinosaurs, hearts and stuff and a stack of poster board and fun kid-like activities to play with while listening! My teenagers have had a blast coloring and making little roses with the modeling clay and the 30 minutes flies by!

Another thing I do that you could do is write some goals for yourself and add to them when you feel like it in later listening sessions.

Do you have any handiwork hobbies like embroidery, crochet, knitting, bead work, whittling, not counted cross-stitch or things that make you follow a pattern you have to pay close attention to. You look for things that let creativity flow like drawing and sketching, even doodling works.

If you have ideas of things you can do while listening, leave a comment!


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