TLP Hitting the wall

So the first 4 weeks of listening to The Listening Program went by fast and were quite enjoyable. I noticed an improvement in sleeping. I still don’t sleep through the night, but when I fall asleep, I sleep in a deeper state. I also noticed I am calmer and that is a huge bonus.
The problem is sometime in week 5 or 6 I came unglued at the seams. My provider warned me he thought I would have things rise up to the surface and asked me if I had someone I could talk to when they did. I assured him I did, as I had a great friend in mind. However, she hit a rough patch in life herself and I didn’t want to add to her current burdens and knew I couldn’t chat with her. So what then?
I went to a counselor. Then I went to another counselor and I like her alot. She is a no nonsense type which is perfect for an intelligent woman of my age. First visit I broke down and cried, as I have been doing for 3weeks now. Tears are always just under the surface and errupting at the least little thing. Can not believe the big and little memories bubbling up.
There is a big hole in my memory. I’m missing people’s names and my connections to them from when I lived in Vernal UT years ago. Now they are flooding back along with stuff I forgot for good reasons! Like getting punched by my husband in my sleep. Nice one to deal with. Like myriads of ridiculous living situations I allowed myself and my children to live in. So as these things come up I’m also looking at my current life conditions and finding many of them unexceptable too. This has thrown me into a huge life evaluation mode and perhaps it was about time. I have not stopped listening though. I will do this for myself, as after all the things I have been through in my life, I deserve to have some peace and enjoy consistent happiness. Doesn’t everyone?!

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3 Responses to TLP Hitting the wall

  1. Katy says:

    Is the program's intent to help people with previous life situations? I find your post interesting and inspiring. Thanks Roxy

    • roxycross says:

      Hi Katy, The auditory processing system and how well it does or doesn’t work with the brain, effects everything about our bodies, minds, communication, emotions and the list goes on and on. When you listen to modified classical music, as The Listening Program, you are gently introduced to sound frequencies up to about 20,000 hz. It has the effect on the brain as lighting things up and the brain goes to work, morphing and shifting and correcting. It is such an adventure to go through personally and to see the amazing things that happen to others as they listen. My personal experiences are a large part of why I blog here! I intend to share so others will see there is hope and TLP provides the opportunities for them too!

  2. Interesting how our bodies don't ever forget anything. I had some similar responses when I started Rolfing years ago. Hang in and keep listening, and keep breathing…

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