Climbing the Walls s’more

And in Week 8 of listening to The Listening Program, the effort is making me climb the walls. It is high energy, high spectrum Mozart and I have reached a saturation place. Every time the heater kicked on in the office today I about went nuts! I had to go outside and get some air. Then I had to put closed headphones on, listening to nothing, just to drown out irritating sounds. I will keep listening because I have had significant things improve in the last 7 1/2 weeks. I sleep deeply and through the night. I go to bed and wake up at 6:19am. Don’t know why 6:19am, but there ya go. And here’s the kicker, I wake up rested and refreshed. That right there is worth the time and money to do TLP. And I’m thinking I should call it a night so I’m rested to deal with the annoyance of high spectrum music tomorrow. I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but I still believe it will be worth it.


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