Autism, Music And Energetic Connections

Yesterday I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life which showed me how the work I’m doing truly effects people personally. I’ve worked with all kinds of busy professionals and parents all over the world, many, many of them dealing with issues of Autism. All my research and efforts were nothing compared to the real life experience of being the catalyst to helping someone who is on the Autism Spectrum!
Susan Snee and I met with Occupational Therapists for a school district yesterday afternoon. They had questions about The Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies. It was exciting to share my knowledge of this effective music based program with people who could help so many! But talking about it and actually seeing it work are completely different things!
Part way through our meeting a young mom came in with a very busy toddler and a little girl who didn’t look at us; she looked up and to the right of us. She wore a bib although I’m guessing she was about 7 years old. She wondered the large room, touching the heat vents and chairs and tables.
Within minutes I sensed her behind me and turned to see her standing near but with no easy way to get through the tables and chairs to me. I sensed getting to me was exactly her intent so I reached my right hand out to her, palm up. She immediately put her hand in mine. I turned and put my left hand on the back of her right arm and she sipped through the small space making a motion to get on my lap. She snuggled in a bit, constantly touching my hand, running her fingers under my jacket cuff, for that skin to skin contact. With her other hand she felt the contours of my face and seemed to really like the pearl necklace I was wearing. She put her fingers in my mouth and I played with that, the way I would nibble on my grandkids. She pushed her head into my head and knowing head-pushing is a strong indication of bonding, I intuitively felt this was a special moment. Looking up to her mother’s face I knew it was. (more to come)


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