More with my little friend listening to music…

As an intuitive I sense energy constantly around me and this little girls energy was like none I had ever experienced before. I’ll try to put it into words as it was magnificent. It was as if the little girl on my lap was not there but tethered and far away. Connected but only physically. All the rest of her was elsewhere and very intense, intelligent and powerful. I have sensed some interesting energy in people before but never anything quite like her.
I sensed she would love the music I liked to listen to from The Listening Program and knew I had it handy in my bag. I’ve heard that people say autistic kids won’t tolerate headphones but knew that wasn’t true with her. I put a pair of headphones on my head. She pushed her head into my face unbothered by the headphones touching her face. I plugged another set of headphones, bone conduction headphones into my CD player with Classic 1 in it and turned it on. Holding the headphones near her right ear she leaned it to them to hear better and I set the headphones on her head adjusting them so the ear speakers were over her ears while the bone conduction headphone sat on the top of her head. She still rubbed my wrist and played with my necklace. While she listened to the first musical piece I turned an iPod on, with all The Listening Program choices on it and turned it to the first session with nature sounds. Gently I unplugged her headphones from my CD player and into the iPod.
We were all watching her now as this was all new to her and she was accepting the experience!
Then she jerked her head to the left and almost immediately to the right! “She’s following the birds,” I said as TLP is recorded in spacial surround and music and nature sounds will move through your head from 5 different areas while listening! Her mother and her 2 occupational therapists got up and moved so they could see her face as they had not seen her do this type of thing before!
She was no longer fidgity but totally focused on her listening. She was leaning forward on my lap, looking forward with a new expression on her face. “She’s smiling!” her mother noticed!
As the music session moved from the gentle beginning ‘A’ portion to the active ‘B’ portion, she slipped off my lap and started walking away with the headphones still on. I had to grab the equipment to follow her! It is not uncommon for her to walk around exploring, her mother mentioned. Then she ran into the next room and I had to run after her still holding the equipment. Now there was another miracle as I have had 2 knee surgeries and even have trouble walking some days!
By the time I knew the first 15 minute session was in the ‘C’ phase and ending I pulled out another chair to sit down. My little friend immediately moved to me, motioning to sit on my lap again. She didn’t even try to take the headphones off when the music ended, so I played a piece of music off of Cheerful Baby from the Music for Babies library and then ended with a lullaby from Sleepy Babay for her. Setting the equipment down on the table, I took the headphones off her head and placed them there too. She sat on my lap a while longer then got up to explore.
I witnessed what felt like a miracle yesterday and yet I know break-throughs happen to kids and adults all over the world every day because of the magic of music and the bodies systems. I am touched and have a greater resolve to share what I know so as to make a difference in the lives of everyone I can touch.


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