High pitched noise… Argh!

So this blog has nothing to do with the beauty of flowers or the joy I get in designing fabulous flower baskets. I put this picture in here to give me moments of zen when talking about how irritated I get sometimes with noise and commotion and too many things happening at once and stuff like that.

Because when I hit week 7 of The Listening Program my nerves started to unravel and by week 8 I wanted to hurt people. Why in the world would listening to classical music, recorded in high definition by amazing professional musicians do that to me, you might ask? Well I’ll tell you. It’s pretty simple. I have spent the last few decades avoiding high pitched noise. All of it that I possibly can.

My children will tell you that is the fastest way to get me to bark at someone is to play high pitched music loudly or squeal or scream even in fun. I hate it. I don’t like sopranos, snare drums or piccollos. I don’t like picollos so much I can’t spell piccolo. Well, yes I can, but the sound of one, makes me crazy. Or violins, oboes and clarinets.

I have a low voice. It’s nice and melodic and I played French Horn, absolutely beautiful instrument and I love classical Spanish guitar, but low tones everywhere is my preference. I grew up in the 70’s and we cranked the bass and turned the treble off. OFF!!!

So now, I get the weeks, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14… all high spectrum music, in my headphones and holy crap I don’t like it! I’m using bone conduction to listen because at least I was wise enough to get the bone conduction system in the first place. Now I can use the amplifier to turn the bone conduction up to 8 and the volume down to 4 and almost tolerate it. Mozart was a young man when he wrote this stuff. If he had been over 50 he would never have done this to himself.

Now, oddly enough, perhaps because I adjusted the volume and possibly because I broke my listening into 15 minute segments instead of 30 minutes straight through and maybe because I supplemented with kinder gentler music like De-Stress and Peaceful Baby and the Full Spectrum Prelude and because I love run-on sentences, (Breathe Here!) I made it through weeks 8, 9 and 10 and didn’t implode. I can listen to 30 minutes straight through as a go back through CD 10, in week 11 and not hurt people or even want to for the most part.

If you would like to know the science behind The Listening Program and why I appear to be torturing myself with it, just ask!


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