Creative Thinking

As an aquarian mountain goat, by western and eastern astrology, nothing binds me to the planet. If you follow such things, I have the sign of aquarius in 5 or 6 areas of my chart and aquarius and goat are ostensibly the same sign, a gifted iconoclast!

I have mostly air signs, which makes me a great creative thinker, years ahead of my time generally. I see things far down the road and strategize accordingly. It’s a gift, as I see things before they happen, am very intuitive and aware. It’s a curse because few others see what I see and can not see such things becoming reality.

I mention astrology as its discovery for me and blending of the two signs, helped me put names to how I think and make choices. I jokingly say I can’t think in a box if you pay me. Wise people have paid me well for thinking way out of the box. My work is one small part of my life, it’s choices and lessons.

It may be timing and other factors, but I seem to find myself at yet another crossroad in life, deciding which road to go down. Rarely have I chosen a path other than one, “no leaves had trodden black.” And I doubt I will now, either. Do what you love, the money will follow, is a career book I’ve read many times, searching for an elusive choice.

My friends are leaving homes, hometowns, businesses, friends and starting anew somewhere unknown to them. My children and grandchildren are scattering. Others, like me, are looking over their lives and thinking it’s all going by too fast and something key to the heart may be missed. Are we walking away at substanial loss? Is it? What is of value really? When it is all accounted for, in retrospect, what was truly important?

Today it is my time, that is precious. And how I choose to spend my time and with whom, doing what, is the question.


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