Nigh Night…

Everyday I am telling people about the benefits I have gotten through listening to The Listening Program. And I tell them everyone is different with different needs and they will get different benefits. But here, I am sharing the things this program has changed for me.

I sleep through the night.

That is a big deal. I have chronic knee pain that makes sleeping difficult for the last few years, but now I sleep through the night. And everything used to wake me up and once awake I could not get back to sleep. I would doze in and out of this quasi-sleep mode and finally get up to face the day without feeling rested or rejuvenated. But now I sleep through the night.

The sound of the television in the other room, or talking or doors being opened and closed, music being played in far off bedrooms, the heater/air conditioner coming on, vibrations in the heat vents, babies crying, trains going by down the road, the smell of a skunk, just about anything used to wake me up.

Now there are times t when, that was cool and may even have saved out lives. Twice I have been awakened in my life because the pilot light went out on the stove. Could have been intuition but my nose works amazingly well.

So sounds, vibrations, movement, smells, dreams, pain and other things; all kept me from sleeping deeply or well ,and from waking up refreshed for my whole life.

In week 2 of The Listening Program, I started sleeping more deeply although things still woke me up. I should also mention that things would wake me up and then my brain would kick on and it would keep me up. It never shut down! So even deeper sleep was wonderful!!!

By the time I started week 13 of The Listening Program, I was sleeping through the night. I woke up one morning at 6:30 because my alarm went off! The big surprise there is I never hear my alarm! I’m always awake by then and just shut if off. Now I sleep for hours and am not disturbed by all the little things that used to wake me and keep me up. I know it is listening to TLP that has made this monumental change in my life. Listening to music produced on purpose to effect change has worked for me.

I am now in week 16 and am still sleeping for 7-ish hours a night! I went to sleep at 11-ish last night and woke up at 6. Went to bed one night at 9:30 and woke up at 4:30 but I went back to sleep and slept until 6. This is amazing for me! And we all know sleeping helps your body heal and rejuvenate. My Dad the doctor used to say when we are sleeping is when we grow. Maybe I’ll get taller now. I’ll let you know.


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