TLP Providers

The optimal method for The Listening Program to work maximum benefit, is to listen 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week, 2 days off, 1 album/week, in order, 1-10 and 10-1. The 30 minutes can be split into 2-15 minute segments, too. From there you can do 15 minutes/day in the same pattern which takes the entire cycle from 20 weeks to 40 weeks. This is the most gentle, yet effective, method of listening.

TLP Providers should be certified in bone conduction so they can provide all the products Advanced Brain Technologies has to offer or will offer in the near future.

From my experience, listening to providers all over the world, TLP should be used as directed. Even when someone is having difficulty in one area, that could be the area of greatest need. If left out, how will they retrain their brains on their own? There are ways to slow down the process, augment the process and give it the time needed for the brain to learn to filter and process.

It is very important for providers to listen to TLP themselves. Everyone gets gain and they deserve to do this for themselves! Then they will also understand better, what others go through listening, and realize listening to music, can be difficult. So difficult, and a big enough challenge, it requires a trained professional to monitor. Then providers have their own experience to draw from and stories to share.

For instance, I am in week 18 of listening to TLP myself. In weeks 5 and 6 I had all kinds of emotional upheaval as Speech and Language frequencies effect memory and therefore emotions. I’m older. I have a lot of memories; some cause distress. As I went through that experience I can understand why kids act out in those weeks, especially if they don’t have clear language skills!

In weeks 7 and 8 I thought I would hurt people; I was so irritated! The high frequency sounds activated my tinnitus to the point it was so loud and never shut off, even when sleeping! I looked ahead to 6 more weeks of it and thought I didn’t know how I would survive 8 weeks of torture. But in week 9 it stopped and I was fine for the rest of the high spectrum listening. Now I definitely understand how simply listening to music can really upset people. I also know by experience, if people will stick with it, their brains will learn, adapt and filter and process better. I have more stories but you get the point.

It really is important for TLP providers to do their own consistent listening to TLP, to do an excellent job, with this frequency based program for those they help.


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