Tegan Elizabeth Cross

When my 6th child was born they told me it was a girl and I thought they were cruel to tease me. After 5 boys I did not believe I got a girl! This pretty little blonde baldy headed creature was a new adventure right from the start! Me, being the athletic/dancer chick, told everyone I would never put my daughter in frilly girlie things and lied like crazy! Because when I got a little girl, everything I put on her had lace and ruffles and it was so much fun! I even made mother-daughter outfits for us and it was pretty pathetic probably!
By the time she was a headstrong 6 year old, her father said to me, what are you going to do with her when she is 14? I said, ‘what do you mean, what am I going to do with her?’ not realizing by the time Tegan was 10 I would be raising her on my own. Everytime her strong will, stubborn and pushy side came out, I told myself, there must be a reason she is like this. Having no idea what life would do to her, I believed she would have to be strong for some reason.
I had no idea.
Tegan Elizabeth Cross, the divorced mother of Matthew will be 22 years old this Monday. She is a warm-hearted woman who does not see color or gender. She generously welcomes all into her circle. I cannot believe all the things she has been through in her short life, especially in the last month or so. She was in a car wreck that was not her fault at all, which involved at least 3 head injuries and required stitches, since her vehicle was totalled, being hit by 2 other drivers. That incident started a stream of some of the worst things that can happen to a person.
Tegan is strong for a reason; lots of reasons. I am so proud of her and how she is making good decisions for herself and others. My hope is that her life will calm down and give her a moment to recouperate. She is an inspiration to all who know her.


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2 Responses to Tegan Elizabeth Cross

  1. mitch says:

    I wanted to meet you when you came to visit Tegan, but alas the stars weren’t in it. I have become a friend of hers, thru working with her at the hotel. I am incredibly blessed to have known her, and am very impressed with how she is turning the negatives into positives. I had thought to help her – I’m the one she called when she had the accident – and count myself very lucky to have been that one. As I said, I had wanted to help her, yet, she has been the one helping me, thru the difficulties and struggles that have come as a result of losing my son a year ago. She is an incredible young woman, one I admire and adore! You are to be thanked for the time you had with her to help guide her direction, to instill in her the strength to face a strenuous life. I am grateful for the influence for good you’ve been in her tough yet gentle personality. As you know, she is strangely difficult to put in a box or to describe adequately, and for that, for all she is, I consider myself greatly blessed to have been allowed to know her, even if only for a short time.

    • roxycross says:

      What a lovely comment on a nearly four year old post! Amazing to read your comment and the original post and consider this fabulous young woman! Tegan continues to put me in awe in her ability to rise above circumstances, learn her life lessons and make wiser choices moving forward. And I really appreciate her desire to help others along the way, too. I always learn from her and come away inspired for my own life. When next I’m in UT, we shall have to meet and I’m sure Tegan will make that happen, with bells on! Thank you for your friendship with my daughter, Mitch and I am profoundly sorry for your loss… ❤

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