TLP Certification

With all the noise, toxins and clutter and confusion in ‘normal’ lives in the US, we need all the good help available to us! With all the experiences I have had listening to TLP, I have many questions myself and comments, but I’ll attempt to stick to answering some questions you may have.

If you have the background to become certified, the training for The Listening Program will probably be the most enjoyable course you have ever taken! It is how I became certified and I have also taken the live training and both have their benefits. Both do cover the exact same information and give you the same certification. I found training fascinating, informative and very interesting. Here is the link to the training choices: . Same training, just different methods of getting it!

Your training will cover all the ABT solutions and how and why they are used. When you are ready to order you have many choices. The best thing to do is call for help 888-228-1798 in the US, 801-622-5676 outside the US. We are all certified providers with various backgrounds to help you implement TLP in your practices.

There are a few things I’ve learned that are universal:

Everyone is different.

Everything is normal.

Nothing is the same.

I am very wise.

The auditory system effects everything, body, mind and I believe spirit. Listening to music-based frequencies the way TLP is done change the brain for good in so many ways. This isn’t just my training talking. I am finishing week 20 of listening myself and have benefitted in ways I didn’t expect. I blog about my experiences here at and am fairly transparent but not entirely…


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