a light at the end of the tunnel of Depression

Twice a doctor has recommended medication, for managing my depression. I refused the first time and the second time I gave in. I took antidepressants for 3 days. Not long enough to do anything except prove to me, this was not my path. I had a reaction, the doctor said could not be from the drugs. But as they were the only change to what went in my mouth, that was ridiculous and killed her credibility. She retired that month anyway, but there ya go. Weird.

So what path could I choose that would indeed make the difference I had needed for so many years, then decades?

In December of 2009, I started listening to The Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies. I had no idea the impact this activity would have, partly because I didn’t realize all the issues I dealt with daily in various ways. Typically when things don’t work right in our lives we have a few choices. We can ignore them. We can complain or vent, which is not the same thing in my mind. We can look for solutions to the cause of the issues. Or, what most of us do, we look for how to work around it, assuming there is nothing to be done.

The system in the human body of taking in sound, is not only hearing. Your hearing may be fine physically and yet it may be impossible for you to process what you hear, for one thing. These are 2 different things and it isn’t a simple situation, at all.

The auditory system, of taking in sound frequencies, effects your whole body. It effects your physical ability to be balanced, coordinated and have rhythm, know right from left, recognize sounds in the space around you and which direction they came from and your accuracy in performing large and small motor skills.

The auditory system and it’s ability to work with your brain,is key to everything about you. It can effect whether you understand people talking to you and whether or not you can string a sentence together that truly expresses how you feel. It can cause you to wet the bed. Or not wet the bed. It can filter out the irritants in life, like high pitched sounds, repetitive sounds, motions and something’s touch on your skin. It can define whether you like to be touched or not and whether you will venture to touch or not. This is the tiniest tip of the iceberg that can, below the surface of your life, make you miserable in everyway conceivable. Yet people go on their merry ways oblivious to a fairly simple, worth the effort and expense solution.

This isn’t magic, smoke and mirrors or snake oil. TLP isn’t a cure all, but having your auditory system function efficiently with your brain is life changing and The Listening Program, used as designed, can do that for anyone. I have no hesitation in saying, from my personal perspective, everyone gets gain from listening to TLP. Everyone. And those of us shifting and morphing into people we can live with are changed in positive ways by functioning brains that support us, make us feel safer in our environments and deal with the indubitable stresses in life.


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