Not one but 2 heart attacks?

If you are the oldest person in your entire family because of heart disease and you have serious chest pains and things like unto that, you are not messing about, wasting time, but getting to a hospital. That would be my weekend. Lovely. My blood pressure is normally about 125/70, nice and low. But a few times in the last 2 years, my blood pressure shoots up and gives me a run for my money. I had no idea why until I mentioned to a physician’s assistant that my orthopedic surgeon said he had no problem with me taking 3-800mg Ibuprophen a day for knee pain. Huh. I had a problem with that! I kind of like my liver and my kidneys just the way they are. The PA, calmly said taking the Ibuprophen is probably what jacked up my blood pressure, so I stopped taking it all together months ago. It’s okay, my knee is doing much better now anyway.

So what caused my blood pressure to jack up this weekend? Maybe stress? Are ya paying attention here? Life is a bit crazy! I also think it has something to do with how I eat. People think I eat pretty well. I make my own savory olive oil with herbs I grow and things like that. But more and more lately, I’m afraid to eat most everything. Everything gives me heartburn. Everything makes me feel distress after eating. I was at a loss.

I should at this juncture explain the picture on this blog! The tape around the IV really wrinkled up the inside of my right elbow to give me an idea of what I’ll look like in a few years when I hit 100. That IV is the most painful thing I’ve had in my arm. The gauge they use in ER is way bigger than the surgical needles. I squawked like crazy when Barbara stuck me. I like her otherwise, but that was seriously not pleasant for the next 24 hours I spent in ER.


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2 Responses to Not one but 2 heart attacks?

  1. Roxy Cross says:

    I like the way the tape wrinkled making my skin look like I'm a hundred and eighty six…

  2. Roxy Cross says:

    When you get an IV in surgery it is small and not so awful, but in the Emergency Room they use an IV the diameter of a broom handle only not as sharp.

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