So I didn’t have a Heart Attack or 2?

So here is how a stress test works. I got an EKG and they took more blood to check blood oxygen levels. Mine were still fine.

Because I showed up for this party in pink striped jammies, turquoise tank top and leather sandals, my wardrobe needed augmentation. cute top was replaced with non-descript hospital gown and lovely blue socks with rubbery grip stuff on the tops and bottoms. It’s those little sock things I wore on the, soon to be mentioned, tread mill.

They moved me into a cardiac area. I should mention by now, my chest pains were minimal but my headache was quite noticable. And my blood pressure was still too high. Mike injected radioactive isotopes into my IV. I asked him, if I sneezed, would I blow up. He just looked at me. I explained it was on an old school Twilight Zone episode, from when I was a kid, or a 1950’s movie. He was unmoved.

Then he put me into a Gamma Ray Transmorger or something like that. Took s’more pictures of my chest. After that tedious moment in my life, laying on something the width of a butter knife, he wheeled me into the stress test room. I wasn’t allowed to walk anywhere but to the bathroom. Apparently going potty posed no risk to my heart.

In my non-cute hospital socks I did 12% grade fast walking at 2.5 mph for 10 minutes getting my heart rate up to 160. Now this was awesome! Seriously! It was the highlight of my weekend adventure because I have not been able to exercise like that for nearly 6 years! A car wreck and subsequent knee injury has prevented it. I did 3 micro-current treatments on each knee 2 months ago and they have been improving. This experience showed me I could get back to it! Yay! (Silver lining.)

Another trip to the Gamma Ray Transmorger and I was back to my observation room, where Adam was sucking on a delicious smelling coffee drink from Starbucks.

I only had to wait about an hour for my Egyptian cardiologist to tell the new doc, on shift that my heart was absolutely fine but I needed blood pressure medication. Fine. I did not have 1 or 2 heart attacts the night before. Yay! Good to know. This doctor recommended I take Kapadex for acid reflux and go get checked out by an MD, a surgeon to see if my gall bladder needs evicted and a gastroentomologist or something to see if my esophagus is okay. Huh..

Someone is going to have to do a lot of talking to get me on blood pressure medication. This is the 3rd time my blood pressure has jacked up like this. Normally my blood pressure is low. If I go use medication how will I ever know what is causing this to happen? What if it is something I should be watching and changing my diet or something for? How will I know. So I start somewhere. I pulled up akaline foods off of Google. If I stop eating acidic foods, perhaps my innards will calm the heck down. I’ll have less discomfort and my blood pressure will stay where it should. And if I start walking on my treadmill at home I will drop a few pounds raising my level of health that way.

And through this all, I’m fairly sure my listening to The Listening Program helped my brain filter all this confusing activity and handle the weekend adventures with some intelligence and lack of out of balance emotion. I know I need to do something different to improve my health. I also know it has to make sense and not be some medical protocol without reason and logic behind it.


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2 Responses to So I didn’t have a Heart Attack or 2?

  1. Holy crap! That's gotta be scary.Glad to know you're ok though.Well, except for the elevated blood pressure.I had that problem when I was pregnant with Devon. I was able to bring it down by taking something called Capsicool?. It's a cayenne pepper pill I probably got at Whole Foods or the like. Just if you're interested.Sounds like your hospital guide was sorely lacking in his humors…Sending good chi your way.

  2. Lyman Dravland says:

    remember to always read the side effects of blood pressure medications before taking it..

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