One of the toughest things I’ve done in my life-Stand-up Comedy

When I first moved to Salt Lake City UT in December of 2003, I really didn’t know anybody. Well a couple of family members, a bit too busy to hang out with, so I had to find something fun to do, alone. One of the patient’s in the office where I worked gave me a coupon to go to a comedy club, called Wiseguys. Sitting in the audience laughing with the rest of the crowd, was better than therapy.

I really enjoyed the local comics the best! They made fun of living in UT, which I began to understand, the longer I lived here. Local comedians always warmed up the crowd for the ‘headliner’ and I grew to love the local guys best. It didn’t take too long to hear the same jokes, over and over, sometimes with subtle changes. I laughed everytime, even if I’d heard jokes before!

It was interesting to observe, how comedians worked to fine-tune a joke until it worked,, getting the maximum laugh-age every time.

Now I have entertained crowds and listeners and viewers, live and on television and radio for years. I understand what it takes to warm an audience up, get them riled up, excited and listening to every gem or brilliance that drips out of my mouth. but stand-up? That is serious, tough business there.

After some time of living in SLC, a brief relationship of mine, ended abruptly and uuuugily and I was pissed about older men. Really pissed. So pissed, I cracked people up when I vented. I talked about hair sprouting out of the oddest places and the balding men growing their thin hair out, putting it in a pony tail and sporting a ‘skullet.’ Funny stuff, right!?!

Someone said, ‘you should do this at Wiseguys,’ and I made the decision to combine venting about stupid things men did, in my life, while crafting something humorous, to try something I had never done before. Stand-up comedy!

I did perform several times and found that women thought I was hiiilll-air-eeeeee-ous. Men, not so much!!! One time I was ready to do my whole ‘Dating Older Men’ diatribe, with some new material, donated by other dissatisfied women, when I realized I just couldn’t this night. I looked around the place, at a roomful of older men. They would not think I was as funny as I thought I was, so I had a few minutes to come up with something different to entertain this audience.

Here it is:


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