Gaia, Mother Earth, nature and back to it!

When body, mind and spirit are on overload, the brain, heart and soul react. Mine have gathered resources and said, ‘basta, enough, fini.’ When life isn’t working, one option is change. It is generally my default choice!

It is time to move. So we move. It is time to be closer to earth, to be more grounded and to relax and calm.

The last 2 years have been calming in some ways. We have been living on 3/4 of an acre with 62 trees, in a little bungalow. We have had parties and people living with us and bbq’s and thousands of flowering and food plants in baskets and planters. And we have had places to hang a lot of windchimes!

But now we trade the over-sized yard for no yard, but proximity to the Ogden River. We trade a house we share for a place of our own. We trade lots of room for entertaining for just the right amount of space for Adam, Danica and I. Now we walk barefoot in the grass and the river…

Maybe we have needed this for some time, but it is right now that I can make the change. It is now that my brain can adjust for the changes of a move. It is now that I feel confident, grounded and personally empowered to move.

So this weekend we move and next week Adam & Danica start album 1 of The Listening Program and I move to album 2 of my second full time through. Good things are happening for my little family, here at home and we welcome the changes and the opportunity to get closer to Gaia, Mother Earth and nature.

I am happy. I am at peace. I am ready for what is next.


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