Listening as Therapy

This may have occurred to you already, dear listener, but I’ve had a bit of an ‘Ah Ha’ moment in the last 2 weeks. Since I started listening to The Listening Program®, I have listened on some kind of schedule. I listen in the mornings or I listen at lunch time or I listen in the evening after work. I made a point to ‘do my listening’ as I knew I was getting various benefits from doing so. Then life got crazier and I noticed something new.

I made some impactful shifts in my life, like moving my children and myself to a new place. Before, when I have moved, I had all kinds of help. This time I had Adam, 17, Danica, 14 and myself doing all the work. Most of the heavy stuff naturally fell to Adam and then he got the flu. Throwing up jalapeños is not conducive to the activities of moving, so there, my little girl and I were. Everyone I hoped would come by to help, went camping, hiking, were working and other things. I had rented a truck and the clock was ticking.

Really, the moving hassles and costs were not the main cause of stress at the time, by I’ll just focus on it, as you get my point. Undo stress, 2 weeks after spending the weekend in the hospital for a non-heart attack and I was not in the best place mentally, physically or emotionally. Then Monday comes along and it’s back to attempting to be amazing at work, on top of everything else. And here comes the ‘Ah Ha’ part. When I started to really feel overwhelmed and my heart rate started going up and the headache started to kick in I reached for my headphones.

I played album 3 of TLP for a few minutes and had to take a call. Not wanting to be left hanging in the middle of a 15 listening segment, I put my headphones back on and listened some more. I drank some water and got back to work. In the middle of a project, my worries snuck back in and I started to feel a bit nauseated. I sipped more water and put my headphones back on. Later that night, when the stress crowded in at home, I put my bone conduction headphones on and listened to some of album 4.

For 2 weeks, this became the pattern. I listened when I needed it, not on a set schedule. When tears welled up in my eyes after a tough personal call I reached for my headphones again and it hit me! TLP had become my stress relieving therapy! I reached for headphones instead of headache medication or something else. I listened to The Listening Program to calm, ground and center myself in the bumpy waters of my life. I found the music in Sensory Integration albums to help me get through a very tough couple of weeks. And I’m very grateful this program and this company came into my life and has such benefit to it.

Now I’m back on schedule, listening to album 5, Speech and Language and back to using TLP in a condensed schedule for its designed purposes! But if things get bumpy again, it is no big deal to switch to the SI albums to get through another tough time.


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