We jumped off houses…

What do you suppose he landed on?

Last December I started listening to The Listening Program. I had heard about all kinds of things that shifted for people, like kids stop wetting the bed and people’s sleep patterns improve, as do speech, communication, balance, coordination, creativity and such. Since I have multiple traumatic brain and other injuries, and who doesn’t, I hoped to get missing chunks of memories back and relief from chronic knee pain.

Here’s my theory: If you were ever a child, you have a traumatic brain injury!

In previous posts I’ve shared all kinds of benefits I have personally experienced and will continue to do that. I completed the 20 week protocol a few months ago. Having been through TLP as instructed, it was now okay for me, as a Certified TLP Provider with Bone Conduction, to intuitively use TLP on myself as I saw fit. For 7 weeks I listened to the first 4 albums. Full Spectrum, which is generally organizing in effect and to Sensory Integration, (SI,) which, mainly for me, makes my body feel better.

I believe listening to SI has helped my brain heal my body parts that have been injured so many times in my life.

I have scars from when I was a child. Some I remember, others I do not. I fell off a bike around 6 years old and still have a scar on my hand from that. I have burn scars on my hands, arms and the back of one leg, from injuries before memory. I flew off the front of a bike again at 19 landing on payment and slid to a stop, becoming one with embedded rocks. At 13 I was knocked out cold twice from head injuries and at 8 broke 3 ribs, the how of which, is still a mystery. I’ve fallen off the back of a dirt bike twice landing on the base of my spine hard! I slid down a rock slide about 100 feet at 20 years old and have been in 3 rear-end collisions, (none of them my fault).

In sports and dance I did all kinds of other things to myself. If you run your thumb down the length of either shin you will know I played field hockey at Rich East High School. When I smile, you may notice 3 small chips in my front teeth from marching while playing a French Horn. I have sprained both ankles and wrists and learned to type as a HS sophomore with casts on both thumbs, don’t ask. I don’t even know where to start with gymnastics, volleyball and modern dance.

I had 40 x-rays shots, with the old cone style x-ray machine, of my knees in college from preventing a 6′ man from spiking a volleyball in my zone, which put me on crutches for months. Lots of rehabilative therapy for that one. Once, during a dance routine I was dropped to a hardwood floor from an overhead position. That hurt.

I do not recall ever getting hurt in ballet, but that discipline is brutal.

I know I have left out things, like my brothers and I used to climb and jump off of everything. Houses, elementary schools, swings, jungle gyms, trees, bicycles, culverts. We were pretty much indestructible. (This picture is my brother, Adam States caught in the act of jumping off things!)

I’m pretty sure my brain knew what it was doing when it directed me to do a lot of listening to Sensory Integration and still does! My brain is using TLP to heal my body and rewire my systems to a more correct way of living and performing. And did I mention I physically feel much better than I did last year? Much, much better.


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