Deadly resentment

I much prefer to find silver linings in the clouds of life, but sometimes, it is important to just point out something negative. Today, it is the deadliness of resentment. It seems to be all around. When there is so much to be grateful for in life, to waste energy on resenting others, situations or events, is so unnecessary.

It doesn’t matter what someone says or does, look at who they are and where they are coming from and pray others are that kind and forgiving to you! It doesn’t matter what others have or get to do with their time and resources, be happy for them and celebrate their accomplishments. No matter the upward struggles you face, be encouraged things can always improve for you and for others. Even when people are horrid, look for the lesson, and give the horridness purpose.  Resolve to make a difference yourself in everyway you can, every day. It will have an effect.

There are so many people who inspire , I really don’t understand when people, complain, bad-mouth or even by their actions, purposefully create roadblocks in the lives of others; for real or imagined slights.

As my kids would say, ‘Chillaz!’ ‘Take a chill pill!’ ‘Live and let live!’ Remember the glass house, you live in, and think first before speaking, or acting on impulse, out of fear, or need to control. Let go. Just let go. And be at peace.

I’m reading a fabulous book, that was written just for me. You can read it if you like. It is ‘Aspire’ by Kevin Hall. In the very first chapter, he shares an Indian word, genshai, (gen’ shy). If you apply genshai to your life, you will never, by your actions or words, make another feel small.

I love this! I am paying attention to what I say and do and feel lifted up by this choice. It gives me peace that my intent is not to harm. I’m sharing, as I always do with the additional intent that dear readers will be inspired to morph. If this pebble tossed into the pond will inspire others to do likewise, what might we effect in our world?


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