Anger? Really?

So starting my day with a flat tire, really is not pleasant. Supposed to be 7 miles from home, left early to run an errand and got 3 feet out of my garage, before realizing something was just not right. Waited for John Taylor, the owner of Buffalo Brothers Tires, in Roy UT, to open shop at 8 am. Part of my nifty deal with John, in buying my tough new tires, was, if anything went wrong, in a 50 mile radius of my house, he would come fix my tire. And he did. Great job. I was back on the road in a couple of hours and my tire is as good as new.

Now if you are wondering what this has to do with anger, think about how you would react if this happened to you… and maybe it has. You are in a hurry and something outside of your control flattens your plans. What do you do? How do you react? Can you be calm in crisis or does the littlest thing throw you over the edge?

This is important. It really is. It effects your health and the equilibrium of those around you. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of out of control anger in my life and it isn’t pretty. Grown-ups who can not control their anger are ridiculous. Seriously. Yelling, swearing, throwing things, and other violent actions look just like temper tantrums of toddlers only scary and like I said ridiculous.

What is the worst thing that can happen if your schedule gets bent. Really? Someone taking your birthday away if you are late to work? Do you think the people covering for you haven’t been in similar spots and know what it feels like?

There are so many opportunities to prove your mettle in life, I do not choose to let circumstances out of my control, control me and my attitude. It is a constant effort, but the more I relax, the clearer my thoughts.

This has been a life long effort, by the way, and one that has not been easy. I grew up in a household of anger, passive aggressive behavior and violence. Then I married it, twice. When I recognized the pattern of welcoming anger into my home, I stopped it. Anger is not welcome in my life or my home.

My friend, Susan asked me last week if I ever get angry and I had to stop and think about it. I do get angry, or at least it looks like I’m angry sometimes. That’s because anger is a tool. It lets people know something is wrong if they can’t see it any other way. I just believe it should be saved for special occasions! (Insert cheesy grin here!)

And on a side note, I think being able to think rationally under stress is something The Listening Program(R) has helped me with as I was not this good at stress management and being calm under pressure last year. I’m in week 8 of going through The Listening Program for the second time. I knew something was happening in weeks 5 and 6 because they always effect me the most! I felt like a brick was attached to my tongue and then spread to my whole head for 2 1/2 weeks. I had no idea what my brain was working on but that eventually something new and cool would integrate and I would be a better version of myself. I’m thinking my ability to be calm, when others get rattled, could be it!


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