So back to Anger…

So I have no idea what is taught in anger management classes, that seem to be required for some people. I don’t know if they tell you to count to 10 before saying anything, to put yourself in the other fellow’s shoes, or to slowly drink a glass or water. I would highly recommend the later. I don’t know if they talk about what triggered the anger, what ‘red flags’ went up to warn of impending explosions or the differences between men and women, or that hitting is wrong. I really have no idea. I just know that there is just way too much anger going on, all around.

Now in anger’s defense I have to say, anger isn’t a bad thing. It is a great tool, to let us know, something awful, is wrong here. Our temperature rises, ears hiss and even vision can distort and narrow. Some people see red. I never have, but my children’s father did. He told me so. Our pulses race, we look for the nearest exits and wonder how we got ourselves into such fixes. Whether we are the one getting angry, or the one anger is aimed at, or if we are merely in the vicinity, anger really makes people uncomfortable. But anger does let us know something is amiss.

It’s what is done with anger, that can be problematic. Obviously, if we yell, swear, call names, throw things, like punches or become violent, anger has gone too far. It really isn’t a good idea to hurt others, no matter what we think they’ve done, at the time. And, a less obvious problem with anger, is when it is internalized. An extremely common and horribly dangerous habit people get into. We know internalizing anger can make us sick, even deathly sick. We know it makes us do things we really oughtn’t, like eat and/or drink too much, or do all kinds of things to excess, harming ourselves. There is a lot of information out there and if you think you do this, you should take a look at the subject. If you think you don’t do it, ask someone nice, who knows you. If they think you do it, do some research for yourself. If you don’t do it, then ask yourself, ‘Am I on a correct path to enlightenment? Or am I an ass who needs to reign it it!’

Regardless, recognizing, handling and resolving issues of anger, is something we can help each other with, in kindness and gently. We just don’t need so much anger bashing about on the planet, and I for one am open to enlightenment on the subject. Feel free to pass this on and open some discussions. How can we help each other with anger issues?


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One Response to So back to Anger…

  1. Anger is a response emotion to fear. It is when we emotionally decide to defend or attack (which in essence are the same thing). When I’m really, really angry I see red. I’ve only had it happen once where all I could see was red for a second, all other times things are varying tinges of it.

    One thing we need to remember is that feeling something strongly does not justify any action. We think that simply because our emotions are strong that they are right, and therefore anything that we are thinking in connection with them is also right. A bit of a timeout is always a good thing when emotions are running high and rash decisions might be made.

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