The Auditory Processing System What?

Not the literal hearing function of your ears, but your ability to process what you hear, through your brain and then on to whatever part of your body or mind that sound is connected to, is what your auditory processing system is all about. I think it effects your body, mind and soul. Well, maybe not yours, but it does mine. I know it does. I’ve been working on it for months now, and what an adventure!

The connection between the ear and the brain...

See how the sound goes in your ear and then travels through all manner of cool, tiny places, doing this and that until the brain gets ahold of it. Now the brain is a very amazing thing to have and quite handy when it works well! The brain is also able to morph and shift and filter and change and it can throughout your whole life. Which is a good thing since we all have disconnects in our brains.
Admit it! If you think about it there are things that do not work as they should.
I had a list of things I knew or suspected didn’t work correctly in my brain. Of course, I have been dropped on my head a few too many times. Not kidding. I was a dancer and was even dropped from an overhead lift onto a hardwood floor. Geez. (See this earlier blog wherein I tried to list all my injuries and finally got bored and quit… We jumped off houses…)
Traumatic Brain Injury is an obvious one, when it comes to things we know mess up the brain’s ability to function correctly. Illnesses can mess it up; poisons, toxins and genetics are other fairly obvious things, causing brain function disconnects. So, think we all have them. We all have things that don’t fire right in our brains and I have found, among other things, that The Listening Program (R), TLP, really makes the difference.
My brain has changed so many things since I started listening! I have blogged about them here. You can do a search by categories to see if your issue is in here! But it doesn’t really matter what issues you deal with. If your issues have anything at all to do with brain function, odds are, using TLP will really make a difference for you too. You can check it out on the ABT website, or here in my blog, because I will keep sharing the things that are shifting for me. 

This is a cool video that helped me understand how the auditory processing system works: PrimeTime feature on The Listening Program in Australia . Enjoy!


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